complete information about scuba diving, hotel and resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, 
and other establishments in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, the Philippines.
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Offering complete information about scuba diving, hotel and resorts, restaurants, travel agencies,
and other establishments in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, the Philippines

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Of course there is diving. Puerto Galera is worldrenowned for its dive sites and has therefore been the focus of UNESCO research for decades.

Diving belongs to one of the greater joys of life and is something that should be done even if it is done only once. There are plenty of dive centers to choose from.

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Other beaches require a peddle boat. A pleasant and adventurous way to make your own discoveries 




Puerto Galera boast a host of beaches and coves that are a waiting for you to visit. Most beaches can be reached over land.
A good way to look around is on foot, but jeepneys and tricycle can take you to your destination quite comfortable. 


 Hidden Valley
It is a "must see" for the visitor to Puerto Galera.
Here you will find Paradise Lost. It is a little bit off the beaten track. It is a good idea to ask your hotel front desk for directions.
 The Mangyan Village
The Mangyans are the real natives of Mindoro. Their features are a little different from the Tagalogs, who form now the biggest part of the population. They are a very nomadic people, who however try to avoid outside influences and in order to protect their own culture have moved gradually away from new settlers. Although they used to be coast people now they occupy the mountains of Mindoro. Tourists can visit their village, but a reliable guide is surely needed. He can make the necessary arrangements, so you will know whether you are welcome or not.
For any guest visiting the Mangyans a warning: these people are not a tourist attraction and any visitor should give them either the utmost respect or stay away. As a rule, think about how you would like to be treated by uninvited guests to your home and act accordingly!
Kayaking is a pleasant adventure in Puerto Galera. The tour agencies in Puerto Galera offer trips to the Alag Riverbank.
After a scenic tour through the mountains by jeepney, you will paddle leisurely downstream, breaking for lunch on a river bank.
The kayak trip takes about three and a half hours, depending on how fast the river flows and how fast you paddle. When the river delta is reached you will be brought back by super banca and sail back to your destination in the sunset.
Overnight stay can be provided as well. For more information click here to contact GPLP
Puerto Galera has been a wonderful hide-out for many a foreigner through the centuries. It is not different in our age and time. The natural harbor where most ferry boats arrive offers a spectacular sight and upon entering it is a good idea to have a camera ready.
Muelle pier is lined with souvenir shop, pubs and restaurants that offer a nice place to spend some time on a sunny terrace
while enjoying a cold drink or a pleasant dinner.

 The Tamaraw Waterfalls
About 15 kilometers outside Puerto Galera on the road to Calapan this idyllic spot can be found. It has a picnic area and the cool water of the falls invite to a refresh plunge in the man made pool.
There is an entrance fee to the picnic area. For the young of hard is a nice path leading up the mountain along the waterfall.
Just a few kilometers down the road you will find Villa Flor, a fishing village, with a nice sandy beach.


The Reptile Zoo is another place that should not be missed by people who are interested in or love our reptile friends. There is an abundance of snake, crocs and of course al kinds of lizards.

Cockfighting is one of the most popular pastimes for the Filipino and naturally Puerto Galera is no exception. The Cockfight Pit can be found just outside Puerto Galera, Poblacion on the road to Calapan. Most fights take place on Sundays.
Enjoy the jungle fever crossing this ganging bridge.
A challenging 9 hole golf club 1.700 feet
above sealevel. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from town proper.
The view is spectacular.
All golf clubs you might need are for rent
Prices are:
Green fee : P 300
Club rental: P 100
Caddy: P 75
Balls and Tess: P 150
Shoe rental : P 50
Putting fees : P 50
Lessons: P 200
(Prices are subject to change without prior notice)
They meet every Sunday at 16:00 (which is 4:00 PM sharp) outside capitain Greggs on Sabang Beach.
Follow the chalk marks around the most beautiful trails of Puerto Galera to the "ON ON" where the cold beer is awaiting. Virgin or first timers pay P 200 which includes more beer than you possibly could carry along the trial and a T-shirt.
Regulars pay P 100
For more life-saving info visit their site: